A beautiful listing app for movies.

Get The Full Source

Redflix has been developed by our highly talented in house team. The source code has been neatly arranged and is super easy to understand with a ton of comments throughout, to give you a helping hand.

Full movie listings

We're using the API and awesome content kindly provided by the guys at The Movie DB. We've got access to data on over 430,000 movies as well as more than 70,000 TV Shows. 😎 🎥 🎬

Genres and Search

A brilliant side scrolling Genres selector allows users to get to the movie type they need right away. A beautiful panel for search makes getting to the exact movie you want a complete cinch. 💥 🔎

Detailed reviews and trailers

See the complete details for each movie or TV show with photos of the cast members. See review listings from end users as well as play the Trailers for the movie. 🕺 💃🏽 🎬

High quality code

Developed with attention to detail, with the code laid out in a easy to read manner. With features such as local caching the app feels super responsive. 💥 🔎

Redflix Screens

What Can I Do With It

There's so many different ways in which you can use the Redflix Codebase.
Some of our ideas...

Launch your own movie listing app

Ok this one's pretty obvious 😂. But yes you could take the code, re-theme with your own branding and release it onto the App Store.

Launch a book reviews listing app

The same core functionality applies to books as it does to movies. If you've got a burning desire to release your own book reviews app then starting with the Redflix codebase is your best bet.📚

Learn Swift app development

Stunning dynamic and programatic user interfaces, oAuth integration, Backend API integration, local caching. There's so much you'll learn by looking through a high quality well documentated codebase like Redflix. 🎓

Need us to customize the code?

If you're not a developer and you'd like to customize some of the functionality or User Experience of the app, we'd be more than happy to help. Just drop us some details on what you'd like and we'll get back to you with a quotation within 24 hours. 👊👊

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I release my own apps with these?

Of course. You have access to the complete source code so feel free to tweak and release your apps when you're ready.

What will I get if I purchase this?

You'll get an XCode project with the Swift source code of the App described above.

Does this come with backend code?

No. The Redflix app uses the existing backend API from theMovieDB.org team so there's no requirement for you to roll out your own. You'll need to register an account there and input the API key into the App for the app to work. Be sure to check their TnC's for your particular use case.

Will you be updating the App source code?

Yes of course! We'll continue to update the Apps and you get updates Free for the next 12 months.We try to release an update every 2-4 weeks.

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