Keep a daily log of you thoughts and ideas.

Get The Full Source

Diary and Journal has been developed by our highly talented in house team. The source code has been neatly arranged and is super easy to understand with a ton of comments throughout, to give you a helping hand.

Stunning Calendar View

See all entries for a month on a single page. Easily switch months to go back and see entries from years ago!

Upload Photos

Each daily entry allows you to associate a photo. Express your mood for the day or record a memory of an event.

Diary and Journal Screens

Ways To Use The Code

There's so many different ways in which you can use the Diary and Journal Codebase. Some of our ideas...

Launch your own Journal app

It's a fully functional working app developed in the latest version of Swift so you could take what we've made and launch your own on the same day.

Food Diary

You could easily tweak the code and theme to create your own daily food diary app. Include the ability for your users to track their eating habits 🥒 🥐

Learn Swift Development

There's so much you'll learn by looking through a high quality well documentated codebase like Diary and Journal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I release my own apps with these?

Of course. You have access to the complete source code so feel free to tweak and release your apps when you're ready.

What will I get if I purchase this?

You'll get an XCode project with the Swift source code of the App described above.

Does this come with backend code?

No. The Diary and Journal app has no requirement for backend storage. You could of course extend and expand the app to save to iCloud. Give it a shot and learn learn learn.

Will you be updating the App source code?

Yes of course! We'll continue to update the Apps and you get updates Free for the next 12 months.We try to release an update approximately every 2 weeks.

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